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  • Recommended / Reviewed by Jay Quinn (See all my reviews) December 17, 2014 - 1 comment - 0 likes
    Elle Joy was a complete joy to work with, no pun intended. I am a cruel taskmaster...I asked her to sit for many sketches and photographs and she was always the warrior queen. Her ability to take direction was exceptional and her natural sense for the camera and lighting made working together simply wonderful . Attempted to coax her to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to read for Boondock Saints I , but unfortunately I couldn't get our schedules to work together. I have a small project upcoming....will make our schedules bend to my will this time.
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    • Did member show up on time? yes
    • Did this member perform in a professional manner? Absolutely
    • Expertise Excellent
    • Communication Excellent
    • Professionalism Excellent
    • Value Excellent
    • Adaptability Excellent
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