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Reviewed by Elle Joy (See all my reviews) January 2, 2015 - 918 views - Tags: #Elle Joy
I contacted Zarihs to retouch some photos for me, and he directed me to his website, where I was able to make a payment via Paypal or by credit card. His terms and conditions were clearly stated, and I was able to purchase a large package of photo edits for him for cheaper than the cost of purchasing them individually, which worked well for me. Due to my photographer being out of town and being unable to get a hold of camera raw photos to edit, we ran into some complications completing what I wanted to do, but he was fair enough to refund my money when I requested that we wait until a later time when he could work with the copies that would allow him to do the work in the way that he is best able to retouch them. He did, however, edit several of my photos out of my package of 30 photos that was purchased and was very professional throughout our entire arrangement.
Zarihs had a great response time and was very organized. He has a beautiful website showing the various work that he is capable of, and his rates are dependent on the amount of work that you order, which is more than fair. His turn-around time is faster than stated on his order page, and he considers his assignments before accepting them to ensure that he is able to do what you ask and can make you a satisfied customer.
Due to the time that he spent on another one of my photos that I requested fantasy work on, which he offered me as a complimentary bonus for ordering a package of 30 photos, he did not allow additional minor changes to be made that I noticed on two photos after he turned them in to me, and I really needed to have them retouched and finalized and did not have time to do them myself. This was slightly confusing to me, because my photos had all already been retouched by the original photographer and did not require extensive work, but he did go over and beyond what I had paid him for with other photos, so it balanced out. It will take further work submitted to him before I will be able to evaluate his expert skills in retouching, but I'm confident in his abilities, as his website clearly shows his before and after photos for customer review prior to purchasing.

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