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Your Model's Bag

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    A model's bag is something that all models need to bring to every shoot. I myself have 2 model bags: 1 for my actual modeling bag and 2 excusively just for shoes. Even if you have a full team with hair, make-up, and wardrobe... this is something that you need to bring. It demonstrates that you are a professional.

    Upon signing with an agency, that agency always provides their models with a list of what items you MUST have in your model's bag. It's also a good idea to always have your model's bag on wheels. It can get heavy and isn't practical to have to carry it by hand. This list might be repeats of what is listed with your agency, but it's always a good idea to have the following items:

    - Plain colored bras in 3 styles (non-push up, slight push up and heavy push up) in black, white, and most importantly nude colors.

    - Plain colored strapless bras in 3 styles (non-push up, slight push up and heavy push up) in black, white, and most importantly nude colors.

    - Plain colored thongs in black, white and most importantly nude colors.

    - Panty Hose & Tights in black and nude.

    - Petals and a strapless shirt that only covers your breasts.

    - A complete make up and hair kit (enough so you are able to completely perform doing your own hair and make up). Such items would include foundation, mascera, eye shadow, blush, bronzer, bronzing lotion, hair pins, hair ties, hair straighterns, hair curlers, hair wavers, hair spray, etc. You never know when a hair and/or make up artist will flake or not have required tools or foundation colors that match you or wands for mascera. This should also include fake eye lashes and glue.

    - Socks in white and black.

    - A few belts: white, nude, black.

    - Make up remover / make up remover wipes

    - Sun screen for outdoor shoots

    - Bug spray for outdoor shoots

    - Energy bars - you never know when a shoot is going to run late and you have nothing to eat

    - Water bottles

    - Flip flops

    - Robe - to wear while getting hair/make up on for comfort and for taking on/off between changes with ease.

    - Accessories to include earrings, neckalces, & brancelets.

    - Personal care items such as a tooth brush and deodarant.

    - Mini First aid kit.

    - Mini sewing kit.

    - Nail filer and clear nail polish.

    - Straws

    - Saftey pins

    - Travel size mirror

    - Lotion


    Additionally, you will need shoes. Please include generic gymshoes (usually white keds) and then focus on a variety of heels in black, white and nude. You will want them to match and go with as many outfits as possible and be both shoot and runway friendly (the heel should not be thick).


    I hope this blog helped ou with your model's bag :) Do let me know if you have any questions!

      April 11, 2014 9:05 PM PDT