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How Do You Get To The "Big Photographer" To Assist You

  • Hi Mark,
    I just visited your website and love your photography. The photos there aren't really the genre that I'm interested in as far as modeling goes (I'm after the Vogue, Cosmo, Elle, etc., covers)
    But after visiting your facebook page, I saw more of the editorial/high fashion that would be better suited for me.
    Would you be interested in doing a test shoot with me? I live in NY and fit all the criteria (I'm 5'9) for the making of a successful model, I just need that "break." Please view my port here and for more info and a more photos please visit my website:
    Meaghan Monaghan
      October 10, 2013 7:59 AM PDT

    Sorry Gus,


    Many Models have been discovered through a quick test.


    Kate Moss and many others received that break through a free test (Mario Testino Book).


    As I said photographers in the large markets do this, Other Market photographers have their ways.


    Agyness Deyn, Stella Maxwell, Cara Delevingne, Cato Van Ee received several tests while in New York.


    First established contact and Later used them in the work.


    This Is The Practice Of Professionals. We do this If The Model Is Right,


    At zero cost. Testing here gives a great advantage over those who do not.


    Cato Van Ee And the other received work or received covers from those photographers.


    Today, I tested Models for covers. I think we have a New Face (Winner).


    Zero cost to the model or agency. Images are the photographer's property.


    Main Board Models Need Not Pay... Why Test For Free. Because you get the name.


    Most Photographers Here make their money from work, not tests.


    It is a different world In New York. There are testers and real shooters.


    I don't test for a fee, therefore I can pick those out for my work.


    It Is Great to have a opinion. Everybody here tests for free...


    Oh Yeah, I pick very carefully. Top 400 Female Models And Top 50 Male Models.


    If you have a great track record you get the work.


    I require images before testing, from the models or agency.


    If an agency does not allow testing, they do not receive castings for the jobs.


    This Is Not Welfare Or Warfare, But A New York Practice.


    My Name Is known Through Out The Industry And World.


    I work with the best, because they want to work.


    I Did Not Offer Anything Free. 


    Just the info...


    Thank You For The Opinion.


    Special Note: Gus Does Not Know How To Spell Photographers, Several Spelling Errors.


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      August 20, 2013 9:45 PM PDT
  • So much of this is crap.Photogrpahers who are working (testing) for nothing are not typicly BIG names photogrpahers, but the exact opposite "NO NAME" photographers.  Every model should expect to pay a professional. (professionals, support professional rates, both for themselves, and the professional models they work with).The most common senario is a NO NAME photogrpaher shoots tests for nothing and they are not worth the time and effort spent with them.Models should be warned to expect to pay and maybe a lot, for services that have real value and not expect any real professional services when it is offered for free.The minimum duty of a professional is to charge professional reates for professional services.  Therefore a free photogrpher is anything but professional.  Clinics and welfare systems offer free dentists, doctors and lawyers but these are regulated and adminstred by and for charities.So beware of the so called professional who offers free serices. 
      August 20, 2013 7:26 PM PDT
  • How Do You Get To The "Big Photographer"

    (To Assist You In Your Goals)




    First, Are You Ready?




    Remember You Have One Chance.



    Look On Web and In Magazines For Names.



    Many Have Management, Agents, Or Reps.



    This Can Be A Wall, That Is Hard To Climb.



    Some Times Modeling Agencies Have Contact Info.



    Some Times The Photographers Are Right Under Your Nose.



    It Depends On Types, They Work With And/Or Favor.


    Look At Their Sites Or Rep Sites.


    Do Image Searches On The Web.



    Most Big Pros Do Not Charge For The Quick Test.



    This Means No Make-Up And No Product In Your Hair.



    7 to 10 Minutes Of Time


    Little Is Said, Your Performance And Ability Of Camera Work



    Are Recorded, This May Be Your Only Chance.



    Leave Contact Info And Hope For The Best.


    And Sometimes It Happens...



    Scouts Are Everywhere



    Looking For The New Face



    I Use Them As Well.



    Are You Ready?



    Right Height And Measurements Help.


    Go The Read About The Names And How They Are.



    Remember Model Desire Is Very Important.




    There Are Photographers With The Same Goals Right Here.



    You, Need That Camera Time.



    It's Them Or Your Mom and Friends.



    Is There Age Requirement?  Yes.






    My Requirement Is 17 Or 18 For Starters*.


    (There Are Exceptions)


    Practice Your Posing And Look Natural.


    Watch Runway Shows Of The Big Name Designers


    Many Found On Their Websites.


    Learn The Walks, This Helps The Posing As Well,


    Those Big Agencies Are Looking For The Ready Made Model.


    Developement Is The Last Thing On The List.


    Are You Ready?


    So Are The Big Name Photographers.


    Remember, This Is For The Big Market Cities.



    New York • Paris • London • Milan 



    Are You Ready?



    Outside The Main Market Are Thousnds Of Real Jobs.



    That Means Real Photographers And Agencies.



    If Your Dream Is To Work With Big Names In Big Markets, 




    The Magic Word



    confidence |ˈkänfədəns; -fəˌdens|noun

    the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firmtrust 

    You Have It And Show It

    You Have Yourself, As Your Only Friend.

    Everybody Else Is A Cheerleader.

    Here Is A Test

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    Take Any Information With A Grain Of Salt.

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    Cheers to You.

    Photographer Mark Fisher In New York

      August 19, 2013 8:39 AM PDT