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Your Modeling Bio

  • I am glad to read this article. aybabag
      March 6, 2019 11:00 PM PST
  • I am glad to read this article. aybabag
      March 6, 2019 10:59 PM PST
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    Here is some advice on writing your modeling bio that will display on the web - on all aspects of social media (facebook, model desire, etc), your website, etc.


    First and foremost, do NOT write it in third person... haha. It's just too weird and not effective. In my opinion and experience, our industry is very much about your personality and it just doesn't... sound right. You want to have a more personal touch. However, if you're a minor, then your parent or agent should write it in third person. 


    That said, we are still professionals so your bio should be professional and written as such. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation for starters and write everything professionally without any lols or any other net speak. Visit other model's websites and get a feel for them. Your bio can also address your comfort level, especially when it comes to nudity. Again, write it professionally. Don't say something like, "Stop asking me about nudity bc I don't shoot it, I care about my future and it's degrading". Say something like, "I do not shoot nudity, as I'm not comfortable with it. I appreciate your understanding on this topic." Put simply, you can even write, "I do not shoot nudity." Just be real, be passionate, be honest, but above all else BE PROFESSIONAL. 


    As a side note, I'd be VERY weary about entering an e-mail address directly. You'll get a lot of spam and a lot scams. If you're on a site like Model Desire, it isn't necessary to include your e-mail because any members can message you through the site. You'd much rather have pre-scanned members in contact with you than some random person on the web. I can guarantee you that some top photographer will miss out on you because you didn't include your e-mail on Model Desire. If, however, you're creating a website, put in some sort of contact box where they don't see your e-mail address but it still goes to your e-mail. If the offer seems legit, you can respond to them from there. 


    Let me know if you need any help :)


      April 13, 2013 9:34 AM PDT