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Acccount Approval

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    General Requirements

    We go to great efforts to make sure the users on Modeldesire are in fact who they say they are. We have put a few requirements inplace for your protection and ours.


    Bio Requirements
    You are asked to provide a short bio as part of your application. Please provide details about your experience, goals, and reasons for being on Model Desire.


    Must Be In A Member Category
    Your profile must clearly fit into one of the member categories listed upon sign up.

    Here are a few profile types that we are currently allowing:

    • Artist
    • Body Painter
    • Casting Agent
    • Model
    • Photographer
    • etc

    You Must Be You
    We do not allow profiles to be set up or managed by people other than the profile owner. Passwords and login information should always be kept private.


    You Must Be 16
    Members must be 16 years of age or older. Members under 18 are not allowed to display photos that we deem too provocative or revealing. Unless you’re 18 or over you may not display any level of nudity/sheer (that includes “implied” nudity), depictions of bondage or any image that is sexual in nature.


    Provide 4 Different Photos (or more!)
    At least four different photos are required for all accounts. No duplicates, re-crops, or manipulations of the same image. Members are expected to maintain a minimum of four relevant photos at all times.


    Quality Images Required
    We want quality images here. Your photos must be judged to be of sufficient quality. This means that you should not submit webcam shots, mirror shots, poorly exposed photos, too grainy, too much compression, arm's-length self portraits, personal snapshots, etc. We will allow a few if the majority of your images are of high quality.


    Make Your Photos Big Enough But Not Too Big
    We recommends that your photos be aprox 800 pixels on the longest side. Anything less than 200x300 pixels or so is typically too small to see. Please note that images wider than 800 pixels will be resized (and the EXIF data will be removed).


    No Fakes
    Please keep it real. Follow copyright laws. If your photos or profile appear to be the work of someone else, you will be denied and or your profile will be deleted.


    No Pornography
    Pornographic material is not allowed on this site. Some tasteful Nudity is allowed and will be reviewed by moderators. This includes linking to such sites or networking, or referencing adult work in your portfolio.

    Model Requirements


    Show Us Your Face
    Your portfolio must show your face clearly. We need multiple shots to authenticate that you are who you say you are. In some instances you may need to go through a verification process before approval.

    Photographer Requirements


    Show Us A Model
    Photographers must have at least 4 different photos specifically of adult human models. In some instances you may need to go through a verification process before approval.

    Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, and Wardrobe Stylist Requirements


    Show Us 2 Different Models
    You need to provide photos of at least 2 different models. We want to see YOUR work!! This is mostly to prevent members from submitting just photos of themself.

    Retoucher Requirements


    Clearly Show Your Skills
    You need to show at least some skill in retouching photos of models. Simply running a Photoshop filter on a photo does not qualify. We don't expect everyone to be an expert, but at least demonstrate some basic skills with the images you submit. Please be sure you have permission from all copyright holder(s) to display retouched/edited images in your portfolio.

    Clothing Designer Requirements


    Show 2 Finished Designs
    You must supply photos of at least 2 finished designs being worn by models.


    No Sketches Are OK

    Bodypainter Requirements


    Models Only Please

    Artist/Painter Requirements


    Use Models
    We are a modeling site, although we appreciate the landscape artists we want to focus your art on the human body.



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