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Professionalism question.

  • Hi,
     Thank you for the advice.
    I haven't arranged a shoot with him again yet anyway, we were in the middle of sorting out details and he began to ignore me (it even says that he's read the messages, and that was at least two days ago) but that is what prompted me to have some doubt on the working relationship between myself and this certain photographer. I find it a shame, as he is a friend of mine (One of the first photographers I ever worked with when becoming a model) and I don't want to upset/insult him by messaging him.
    Thank you for your honesty/opinion it is very helpfull :)
      November 2, 2012 3:56 PM PDT
  • Kayleigh

    Well first off, im sorry you have to feel like this but if you have ANY doubt just cancel your shoot. Not worth the headache. I believe it is always best to be honest and let him know that this shoot needs to be a paid shoot or no deal. Be proffessional and if he agrees, great. If not just move on and dont read into this too much.


    Just my 2 cents.

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      November 2, 2012 2:52 PM PDT
  • I have a situation that I want to settle with the minimum of drama/insult (if possible) and with the maximum of professionalism.
    A photographer I have worked with several times has recently contacted me with a trade shoot request. This doesn't usually bother me, I do work trade on some occasions so I'm used to the requests.
    What bothered me how ever were the following issues:

    It was a nude shoot. I don't shoot nude on trade, I consider some trade work. At the end of the day this is my job, I consider one or two trade shoots, but I have specifically stated on all of my profiles that I do not trade nude. The nude concept was also not in the initial request. I responded asking for the time, date, location, concept and any small specifics (including what wardrobe I would be required to bring, if any.) and he responded with only two words "Wardrobe, lol." So, I guessed from that point he wants to book a nude shoot...
    The shoot would have been a (nude) maternity shoot, and again I don't mind doing the odd few of these as trade due to it coming to the end of my pregnancy now; His portfolio used to consist of Gothic/dark images that I always found quite artistic. The odd nudes/fetish work he did were also quite tasteful, but now his entire portfolio seems to consist of Gothic porn images, they are dark, gloomy and specifically very sexual images! I have worried since that point that my maternity images may come out the same way, and I don't want that! Which I believe is understandable.
    The other issue I have is on previous trade shoots with this same photographer I never receive the promised prints. I edit what ever images he likes and email them back to him when ever he asks, even months after the shoot, but still don't get any prints. We have worked with one another on nearly a dozen occasions and I have only received prints from three of those same shoots.

    My question is mainly, should I message him explaining that I have been personally and professional insulted by his actions and inquests?
    I don't want to seem like a cow but I also don't want to be constantly 'mugged off' by someone I actually got/get on with.
    Any help and suggestions would be very appreciated, any trolls will be ignored!
    I'm not asking for pitty/sympathy nor am I trying to act like a spoilt brat, I just want some advice and opinions on my situation.
    Thanks in advance,
      November 2, 2012 9:26 AM PDT