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  • Clouds Of Powder

    Posted January 21 by ZARIHS RETOUCHER

    Brussels-based photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte and film director André (Nicolas Vantomme) have created a photo series and film that beautifully capture a dancer’s elegant movements with expressive bursts of white powder. The concept was created by creative agency Norvell Jefferson and CD...

  • Is Fashion All About Size Zero And Skinny Models? Find Out More

    Posted August 27, 2014 by Demetrios

    Is Fashion All About Size Zero And Skinny Models?   How much you should eat to match with the present trend of the size zero? Well, the girls who are struggling hard to be a model has this question on the top of their list- reducing their food intake and become skinny and that is how one lo...

  • Ways to be Photogenic

    Posted August 26, 2014 by kristie real

    via flickr Not everyone is super comfortable in front of a camera. Some are naturally shy and need a bit of coaxing to really be relaxed while getting their photo taken. It’s okay if you’re not a natural because, really, being photogenic is an acquired skill that can actually be learn...

  • 10 Traits You Should Possess if You Want to be a Good Photograp

    Posted September 19, 2013 by Demetrios

    10 Traits You Should Possess if You Want to be a Good Photographer     Copyright Scott Bourne 2009 - All Rights Reserved     What makes a good photographer? See how many of these traits you possess. 1. You need passion. You need to be obsessed with getting t...

  • Photo Canvas

    Posted September 17, 2013 by Dmitriy Maltsev

    I'm a Photographer who puts model images on canvas, just email me your favorite pic and will give u a quote. email @ also message me @ for any questions u may have bout my work, and share me wit...

  • Photo shoot

    Posted September 3, 2013 by Tom Preston

    Photographers booking 4-6 models for a nude topless shoot Sept 14th 12:00, are last one was great,we are looking for 12 photographers, so book early we will have great models again, don't miss out, we will book up fast cost $100 cash well worth it, you will have one on one time with all mo...

  • Studio Light's Diagrams

    Posted August 29, 2013 by ZARIHS RETOUCHER

    Some Studio Lightning Diagrams . I don't own any rights on these diagrams . These are taken from various photographers . Provided by Zarihs Retoucher

  • How Submit to a fashion agency/How to take model digitals/polar

    Posted August 8, 2013 by Demetrios

    How Submit to a fashion agency/How to take model digitals/polaroids     An example of appropriate images for model submission Modeling agencies are simpler to please than you think. They don’t want your pictures with your crazy makeup and hair and million dollar lights &ndash...

  • Meetups

    Posted August 3, 2013 by Tom Preston

    Hi I am looking for models to shoot starting at 12:00 noon , here are the dates Saturday the 10th swim suits and Lingerie,,for tips and pics,,, the 17th topless, implyed nude and Lingerie tips and pay and pics,,, and the 25th is fashion swim wear, for a meet up FTP lots of great pics this last one i...

  • 41 reasons why you shouldn’t date a photographer

    Posted July 4, 2013 by ZARIHS RETOUCHER

    Photographers are a different kind of creatures. We are both artists and entrepreneurs. We love our cameras and we sure love playing with them, sometimes too much. After a longer series of technical articles and advice, I thought I’d put together a list of reasons why you shouldn’t date ...

  • Height & Fashion Modeling

    Posted June 4, 2013 by Willow

        It is common knowledge that female fashion models are tall (5'8"-5'11"). Why? The short answer is because that's what the industry wants and, by now, the industry is used to it. Why is that the desire? The short answer to that is strong preference, sample size, and less competition...

  • What Should My Rates Be?

    Posted May 10, 2013 by Willow

      As a model, sometimes it's tough to figure out how much to charge people for your modeling services. This blog will give you some pointers on how to base your rates for the general market.   First, it's important to take a look at yourself. Are you in the best shape? How much do you...

  • Avoiding Scams

    Posted April 5, 2013 by Willow

    Yes, modeling scams are possible, especially if you're a newer model. They target you, I swear! But it can happen to anyone.   A huge caution to those models that put their e-mail address in their bio or anywhere else on their website. Scammers are known to scan modeling social networking s...

  • Your Modeling Bio

    Posted April 5, 2013 by Willow

      Here is some advice on writing your modeling bio that will display on the web - on all aspects of social media (facebook, model desire, etc), your website, etc.   First and foremost, do NOT write it in third person... haha. It's just too weird and not effective. In my opinion and ex...

  • How to Handle Creepers

    Posted April 5, 2013 by Willow

        This post is primarily for models that book their own work but it can apply to all models as well.    How should we deal with creepers? Inevitably, it will happen on one booking or another... and if it hasn't happened yet, it probably will in the future.    ...

  • How to Handle Rejection Modeling

    Posted March 3, 2013 by Willow

      Let's face it, being rejected sucks! As time goes by, none of us are getting any younger either. So, how do we handle it? Here are some things that I do :)   More importantly, I have to realize that my job as a model is based on my look. Not every client will feel that my look will ...

  • How to Start Getting Paid Bookings Modeling

    Posted February 19, 2013 by Willow

      Everyone seems to have these huge ideas about how models make all kinds of money with seemingly little to no effort, much less an investment. I hope to dispel some of these beliefs and provide real information about how you can get started getting paid work as a model.    I wan...

  • Photo studio

    Posted February 16, 2013 by Tom Preston

    New photo studio in PHX, its cross st are Broadway and 40th St, the studio is 2500 sq ft lots of cool sets, and best rent prices going for ** member $100 a day, none member $200 day rate, not commercial price! go to meet up .com look up photographer at heart join ! ty Tom

  • What Photographer Releases Mean

    Posted February 15, 2013 by Willow

        Most photographers are having model's sign releases nowadays and it's best to know what they mean for us models. :)   In simple terms, most releases photographers have models sign mean:   1. The photographer/client owns all of the rights to the pictures.   2. T...

  • What is a Mother Agency

    Posted February 12, 2013 by Willow

      Basically, a mother agency is where you sign away your life! Just kidding, of course, but it is a serious contract that models should understand before signing onto one. A mother agency is the agency you sign a mother contract with.    A mother contract means that you can only ...

  • Should I Go to Modeling School?

    Posted February 3, 2013 by Willow

      As a newer model, you might be thinking if you should go to modeling school. You may have even received offers or heard about schools on the internet or radio. What should you do?   The short answer is no - you shouldn't go to modeling school.   The longer answer is that, the...

  • When to do TF*

    Posted January 28, 2013 by Willow

    It can sometimes be confusing and frustrating to know when to do TF*.. and with who. If you're taking modeling seriously, chances are you want it to make you income. TF* seems counter productive.   This all said, t's important to keep your portfolio fresh. If it's not fresh, the same clients ...

  • 5 Examples of Great Photographers Websites

    Posted January 23, 2013 by Deleted Member

    Yesterday we touched on 5 examples of great model websites. Today we're featuring 5 examples of great photographers websites.        5. Amyn Nasser - (ModelDesire Portfolio) (Website)         4. Lionel Mondesir - (Website)       ...

  • 5 Examples of Great Model Websites

    Posted January 22, 2013 by Deleted Member

      A very important aspect of modeling is getting exposure. A great way to get exposure is by building a brand and  a good way to build a brand is through a website. We've listed 5 great examples of websites featuring models from around the world.          ...

  • Which Modeling Agency Do I Sign With

    Posted January 20, 2013 by Willow

      No matter where you are in your modeling, at some point you'll have to consider if all you want to book are private bookings with photographers that hire you. Do you want to get booked by clients that own stores such as Khols, Macys, or your local clothes stores? Or maybe you want to be in...

  • How I Got Started Modeling & Tips For You To Get Started

    Posted January 9, 2013 by Willow

    I started modeling the traditional way; that is, going to an open call and getting accepted. My first agency was Ford Chicago. I was 15, 5'10", without an athletic build, and a supportive mom - perfect for modeling.   Ford was amazing and gave me many opportunites. With them, I was in several...

  • Subscribe,read, and like Achalla est Couture

    Posted January 4, 2013 by Achalla est Couture


  • New Year, New Outlook

    Posted January 4, 2013 by JB Hernandez

    It has been next to 6 months that I've been in portrait photography and I'd like to think I made a change for the better. I've gone from n00b PnS'er wanting to break into shooting models to a semi-experienced hobbyist photog with more confidence. Granted, my photos can still use a little...


    Posted December 30, 2012 by Pablo Picasso

    ECM Magazine is now casting for front page models for their upcoming February online issue of Eye Candi Models To become a candidate for our magazine please fill out the audition form below at our link below EYE CANDI MODEL APPLICATION

  • How to Get Followers on Instagram

    Posted December 21, 2012 by ZARIHS RETOUCHER

    Be selective with your photo uploads. The best way to gain new followers on Instagram is to provide content that is valuable to users. Nobody wants to be bombarded with detailed photojournalism projects on what you had for lunch or how cute your feet look in those new sandals. Upload only your best ...

  • zarihs high end retoucher

    Posted November 9, 2012 by ZARIHS RETOUCHER

    Proudly zarihs is working with amazing & very successful photographer, He worked with many huge celebrities like Tyra Banks,cindy Crawford, many many more you just name it have a look

  • Join fashion network

    Posted November 9, 2012 by ZARIHS RETOUCHER

    Join fashion network fashion networking website

  • Best Monitors for professional retouching ( IPS PANEL )

    Posted November 8, 2012 by ZARIHS RETOUCHER

    I have arranged best retouching & basic photography monitors list this will be very usefull for new photographers and retouchers . Whether you’re an artist or an engineer, you need a high performance monitor that lets you see your digital designs from different perspectives. You’ll want ...

  • What to do if you don't fit the standard modeling requirements

    Posted November 2, 2012 by michel mikael

    What to do if you don’t fit the standard modeling requirements?   In order to answer this question, one must first define what exactly these ‘standard’ requirements are. No two sources would agree on the same standards. Some agencies follow height, weight and size charts...

  • New Products......Hottt styles

    Posted November 1, 2012 by Achalla est Couture

    Check out Achalla est Couture at for new products: Jewlery, Accessories, and Clothes!!!! Just click the "Shop" tab................. see you there!!!!  

  • Tips for models - first photo shoot

    Posted October 24, 2012 by michel mikael

    Tips for New Models - First Photo Shoot   First ever photo shoots do not always have to be daunting – a little preparation can go a long way! Use this mini survival guide to disperse any clouds of concerns hanging over you.   Week before the shoot:   Approach a photo...

  • 5th Annual Timeless - Boston's Most Exclusive New Years Eve Par

    Posted October 18, 2012 by Synergy Boston

    TICKETS: Monday, December 31, 2012 at 8:30 PM - Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 2:00 AM (EST) Boston, United States Voted New England's TOP 10 NYE Party 4 years in a row     ___________________________________________________________...

  • Top tips for Photo Shoot Inspirations

    Posted October 18, 2012 by michel mikael

    Top tips for Photo Shoot Inspirations     Exhausted your Inspiration tank? Stuck in a rut? Feeling burnt out?  ‘Writers block’ isn’t only exclusive to writers, sometimes photographers also face their own kind of block, the block which squeezes out every ounce of ...

  • 2012 Ripping Runways Modeling Magazine Photo Model Contest

    Posted October 16, 2012 by Konscious Money Entertainment

    Ripping Runways Online Modeling Magazine 2012 Christmas Issue Worldwide Female Model Photo Contest Going On Now!   Ripping Runways Modeling Magazine for aspiring models is now accepting photos and videos from beautiful aspiring female models worldwide to feature in our 2012 online Christ...

  • Timeless Bond Girl Contest 2013 - Models Wanted!

    Posted October 13, 2012 by Synergy Boston

    No matter what decade, the Bond Girls have always maintained their exclusive status by being part of such an elite club. Do YOU have what it takes to be a Bond Girl? Do you possess the sexiness of Jinx – Halle Berry, or the classic beauty of Honey Ryder – Ursula Andress? Apply your t...

  • How to become a successful model

    Posted October 13, 2012 by michel mikael

    How to Become a Successful Model                                              &nbs...

  • How to Make it Big as a Fashion Photographer

    Posted October 13, 2012 by michel mikael

    How to Make it Big as a Fashion Photographer Are you one of those proud DSLR slingers valiant enough to embrace the lethal hybrid of fashion and photography?  If you are reading this article right now, chances are you are not working for Vogue. If you are on the brink of terminating your lia...

  • Make Yourself Attractive with Black Dress

    Posted September 17, 2012 by sean perez

    The little black gown or LBD is a popular trend merchandise of all time. If the recognition is plotted on a graph paper, then you'll get a transparent idea about the popularity of these attire for all the time. A black gown can enhance your beauty. You'll be able to add designer footwear or jeweller...

  • Ripping Runways Magazine Coming 9/11/2012

    Posted August 22, 2012 by Konscious Money Entertainment

    RIPPING RUNWAYS MODELING MAGAZINE OFFICIAL PHOTO CONTEST IS NOW AUDITIONING BEAUTIFUL ASPIRING MODELS AGES 18-35.   Ripping Runways Modeling Magazine Coming 9/11/2012 Is Officially Auditioning Hot Beautiful Female Aspiring Lingerie Models, Hot Vixen Models, and Hot Swimsuit Models of all r...

  • Ripping Runways Magazine Coming 9/11/2012

    Posted August 22, 2012 by Konscious Money Entertainment

    RIPPING RUNWAYS MODELING MAGAZINE OFFICIAL PHOTO CONTEST IS NOW AUDITIONING BEAUTIFUL ASPIRING MODELS AGES 18-35.   Ripping Runways Modeling Magazine Coming 9/11/2012 Is Officially Auditioning Hot Beautiful Female Aspiring Lingerie Models, Hot Vixen Models, and Hot Swimsuit Models of all r...

  • Fine art nude photography: tips and techniques from lighting to

    Posted August 4, 2012 by Demetrios

      A beginner’s guide to the art of nude photography. Tips, techniques, lighting advice, help for sourcing nude models and more – it’s your complete guide to taking fine art nudes.   Nude photography has been a popular subject since the very beginnings of the medium, an...

  • Tips for Young Models

    Posted August 4, 2012 by P.s. Rothbein

      If you are a young model aspiring for a successful career and stardom you cannot ignore YouTube.  For many casting directors, agents, etc. having a YouTube channel might even be an expectation.     If this expectation is not met it often leads more to disappointment as oppos...


    Posted June 18, 2012 by Personal Trainer (Hong Kong)



    Posted June 4, 2012 by Will Vaultz

    Looking for fabulous, energetic models to do some test shoots. New York City locations. Hair and MU person available. Please contact if interested :

  • Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge - Paris 2012

    Posted May 28, 2012 by Synergy Boston

    Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge - Paris 2012   Saturday, July 7, 2012 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM (PT) Paris, France   Ticket Information   Event Details On July 7th, 2012, The Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge will bring global attention to the ...